Your Life - Your Terms, with Zazzi Photography App

With the onset of on-demand technology, the ease of accessibility to services has become a major factor to consider while running any business. This has granted the flexibility of service providers to work and operate from anywhere and have a global reach to clients. Photographers have not been left behind in the global market. The Zazzi photography app has been expressly designed to allow photographers to live their lives on their own terms. Zazzi is an incredible app that connects clients to a pool of photographers and videographers in their local area, for an on-demand photography/videography experience.

With the Zazzi photography app, photographers have the freedom to dictate their own terms and operate from any location. Zazzi has been designed for the dynamic and progressive photographer who is looking to explore new target locations, cross into different photography niches and basically work on the go.

As a photographer, Zazzi gives you the full control of your photography business in the following ways:

  • Work from Anywhere:

Ever wonder how to expand your photography business to new locations at no extra cost? Well, now you can do that with Zazzi! Zazzi exposes your business to a whole new set of clients as you travel.

Zazzi allows photographers to change their location at any time, thereby allowing clients to find and book their services at different locations as they travel.  Zazzi, gives photographers the freedom to work from anywhere at any time.

We make it easier for you to find clients everywhere you go, allowing clients to book your services whether on a work-related trip, a vacation or just a family reunion. With just a few stopovers on the way, you can now earn more than you could ever imagine. You no longer have to limit your business to the confines of your studio or location.

  • Set Your Own Rates

No more having to haggle over prices with clients. It’s uncomfortable, we get it. With the Zazzi photography app, we’ve got you covered! Zazzi allows you to set your own definitive rates for each category independently. What this means for you is that the client will pay whatever predetermined amount you quote for your time.

Take control of your pricing with the Zazzi app. We do not set the prices for you, nor do we limit you to only one rate for all categories. We understand that there are a lot of factors to consider in the pricing of photography services such as the equipment used, post-processing, category, and the level of expertise & experience. All this cannot be captured in just one rate. You are the professional, and therefore we trust you to set your own competitive rates for each category as you deem fit.

  • Own Your Interests

Zazzi allows you to explore your photography interests. You may be interested in trying a different style of photography and since you are new to that genre you can adjust your prices accordingly. It accommodates all your preferred categories and niches of photography, with respect to your level of expertise in each.

Zazzi, lets you as the photographer/videographer select your areas of interest, be it wedding photography, infant photography, sports photography, product photography or even event photography. You can thereafter allocate your level of expertise for each, as an expert, professional, student or hobbyist.

Zazzi will subsequently connect you to clients who value and are willing to pay for your skills in your interest areas. You can now love your work, and get paid for it, all while growing in new areas.

  • Personalize Your Portfolio & Profile

Zazzi has a friendly interface that allows you, as the photographer, to express yourself. Photographers are free to display their best work in their preferred categories on their Zazzi portfolios for clients to view. They are also free to add information such as the languages they speak, their level of expertise & experience, and the equipment they own.

This feature allows photographers to get work specific to their areas of interest. It also enables them to dictate their own terms of engagement and express their own unique creativity, specific to themselves. These intricate details set every Zazzi photographer apart, making our app the most preferred on-demand photography app by clients.

Additionally, the ratings and reviews by previous clients are visible to the public, on the photographer’s portfolio. This gives other potential clients the ability to confidently engage your photography services, knowing that you are the best available option in the area, with top-notch quality and commendable services. Such recommendations go a long way into increasing your clientele and growing your brand as a photographer.

Excited Yet?

With Zazzi photography app you have the freedom to be the photographers/videographer you were meant to be.  You decide how to work, where to work, when to work and how much you want to earn. With all of these aspects in your control, there is no goal that can’t be reached. Download the Zazzi app today and don’t forget to share it with your friends!