Grow Your Business with Zazzi

Grow Your Photography With Zazzi

Are you a photographer looking to scale and grow your business beyond its current capacity? If your digital photography business has hit a plateau and you are wondering how to increase your income, gain more visibility and increase your clientele, then look no further than the Zazzi App.  

about zazzi

Zazzi has been designed to connect clients with photographers on demand. With just a few steps and minor adjustments to your schedule, Zazzi grants you access to a wide range of photography clients in your area, at your own convenience. 

Whether a hobbyist, student, professional or expert, Zazzi lets you select your level of expertise and preferred photography niches. As a photographer, here are a few tips on how you can grow your business by maximizing the features of this incredible on-demand photography app: Fascinating Profiles

• Fascinating Profile

In photography, your business is as good as your work. The quality of your shot is, therefore, your ultimate pitch. Create an exceptional portfolio with your best work in every category of your expertise.

Don’t forget to add to the information on the type of equipment you use, languages you speak, and other details to provide a potential client with all the information they might require.

Your Zazzi profile and portfolio is your platform to market yourself. Sell your business and your skills by creating an impeccable profile that can captivate your potential clients in just a glance.

• Pricing Your Digital Photography Services

Zazzi has fantastic features that allow the photographer to charge different rates for every category. This means that you can now charge higher rates for categories where you have higher levels of expertise & experience, and lower rates for other categories that are not within your specialization.

At Zazzi, we understand that different forms of digital photography require different levels of photography and editing skills. That is why we do not limit you to a one-price-fits-all method of charging your rates.

As a photographer, you can take advantage of this feature to charge relative prices as per your skills, while still allowing you to quote lower rates for those short, simple, photography sessions, therefore capturing the needs and budgets of different clients.

Pricing digital photography services
Zazzi app Customer Service

• Customer Service

To grow your business, it will be necessary to give the most priority to growing the reputation of your business by the quality of services you offer your clients. This is not limited to the quality of your photography. Putting in the effort to make your client comfortable, having great communication, showing up for all bookings on time, having a short turnaround time, and following up with clients are just a few of the ways you can improve your customer service, stand out and get those new clients coming back.

Zazzi has your back on this. With every successful project you complete, a client will be able to give you an impressive rating and a written review of how remarkable their experience was working with you.

We ensure you are profoundly rewarded for all the amazing work you put into your services. Your ratings and reviews will be visible to the public, to entice and draw other potential clients to your business. Customer service goes a long way into not just growing the reputation of your digital photography business, but also in expanding your network through referrals and repeat clients.

Expand Your Locations with Zazzi

• Expand Your Location

To grow your business, you have to reach more people. Having exhausted clients in your current location, you can take your digital photography business a notch higher by targeting clients in a different location.

Zazzi is perfectly designed to allow a photographer to put in their current location as well as their future locations at given dates, so clients can book sessions with them as they travel. Setting aside a given day once a week in your schedule to travel to your target location, will allow clients to book sessions with you in advance, therefore enabling you to have a more extensive geographical reach of a new pool of clients.

Where to Start?

Zazzi is a genius app that was categorically developed to provide solutions to every photographer’s challenges in the business field of photography. Zazzi brings the ease of technology in expanding your business capacity online with its uberized extraordinary features. Zazzi introduces photography to the on-demand economy, by ensuring that clients have access to photography in an instant, whenever they need it.

This works in favour of the photographers, by making sure that they no longer have to spend much on advertising to reach their target clients, since Zazzi will bring the client to them within just a single optimized app. Don’t be left behind. Take advantage of this revolutionary technology to reach your target clients, expand your operations and absolutely grow your photography business to unimaginable heights.

Simply begin by downloading the Zazzi app and setting up your account and profile with all these amazing tips. Once your account is all set, sit back and let us do the rest. We will connect you to all clients looking for on-demand photography sessions in your preferred location. So, sign up, and get started!