Find New Clients with Zazzi

Find new clients

Find New Clients With Zazzi Photography & Videography App

Getting a consistent flow of clients is the goal of every photography and videography business. More paying clients translates into higher earnings and therefore creates the distinction between carrying out photography as a hobby and practicing it as your main source of income. Finding new clients that are willing to pay for your photography skills and services is now as easy as downloading the Zazzi app! 

Zazzi is an on-demand photography & videography app that allows photographers and clients to locate each other, get contact information and get a session booked. 

As a photographer, Zazzi is your key to getting access to more clients, developing your brand, increasing the views on your portfolio and having successful leads in your photography business. Zazzi offers you a platform to increase your clientele and broaden your client base. Here are a few tips on how you can find new clients for your photography business with the Zazzi app: Fascinating Profiles

Building Your Profile with Zazzi Photography & Videography App

Your profile in Zazzi is essentially the face of your business. Make it entertaining and informative. If a client were to pick between you and another photographer in the same location, they should be able to choose you without even thinking twice.

Zazzi grants you an unlimited platform to create an outstanding profile and portfolio to impress your potential clients at first glance. Not only does Zazzi allow you to upload and exhibit nothing less than the very best shots on your portfolio, but it also enables you to add additional information about your services.  Such as the equipment you own, your capacity, your preferred photography & videography categories, your level of expertise, the events you cover and the languages you speak.

Your account should sell your business to any client who visits your profile. It enables potential clients to decide whether they want to hire you or not. Be the best fit for your target clients.

Expand Your Reach With Zazzi

Expand Your Reach

Calendar Booking with Zazzi

Zazzi allows you to get bookings as you travel. Amazing, right? Whether on a leisure trip, visiting a family or friend, taking a much-needed vacation or simply on a business trip, this genius app allows you to carry your business with you, all in your pocket.

Zazzi does not limit your photography & videography business to the location of your studio. It lets you change your location or desired location as your travel, therefore allowing you to make that extra money wherever you are. There’s no better way to grow your pool of clients and widen the geographical coverage of your business than by allowing new clients in different locations to book sessions and slots with you, at your convenience.

Expand Your Niche with Zazzi

Expand Your Niche

Exploring new photography niches is a great way to find new clients for your photography business. Offering a wider variety of services will ensure that you capture the needs and preferences of more clients. For instance, if you are currently carrying out wedding photography, you may opt to dive into infant photography or artistic portraits as well.

Zazzi is a great platform for venturing into new fields and niches since it allows you to list all your preferred categories of photography as per your level of expertise. Therefore, whether you are exploring that new niche as a hobbyist, student, professional or expert, Zazzi will allow you to set relative rates for each.

Grow Your Ratings With Zazzi

Grow Your Ratings & Reviews

Offer additional value to your potential clients. Be the best. Make your clients feel comfortable around you, listen to their specific requirements and deliver above and beyond their expectations. Offer free consultation and pitch a few ideas and suggestions. That’s how you get everyone talking and ace those exceptional reviews.

On the Zazzi App, great ratings and reviews translate into even more clients, because who on earth doesn’t want to work with the best? The Zazzi ratings & reviews feature is our way of letting your clients endorse you and your business for the top-notch services you provide. It is ideally what every new client will look at before they hire you, to obtain confidence in your services from the recommendations of your previous clients.

Offer a Promotion With Zazzi

Offer a Promotion

Create an offer that your target clients cannot refuse. Giving discounted offers of your services as you start out or venture into new markets is a good sales habit if you want to capture the attention of new clients.  Create a sense of urgency by indicating deadlines for such promotions so that potential clients can bring forward all their planned shoots to fit within your deadline.

Zazzi has your back on that too. With its remarkable interface, it allows you to set different rates for different categories of photography. Therefore, you can easily create such promotions by changing the rates of your passion projects and preferred categories, without necessarily affecting the prices of the other categories.

Bottom Line

With this generation of new dynamic technology, it is no wonder that most businesses have taken to online platforms to have a global reach of clients. Building your brand has never been easier as it is now with the Zazzi app. This delightful app has been tailor-made to solve all your photography business needs. It grants you the visibility you need as well as the convenience to get bookings and carry out your photography & videography business in any location. Simply download the app, explore its features and find as many new clients as you can possibly handle.