photographer updating her zazzi photographer profile

How to Update Your Zazzi Photographer Portfolio


How to Update Your Zazzi Photographer Portfolio

Creating a Zazzi profile allows you to share your best work and skills with clients in your area! From the client side, your Zazzi profile portfolio is the very first glimpse they have of your business as a whole so it is super important that you get it right. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, so make sure the message your portfolio gallery gives off is one that will have potential clients clicking through to schedule a shoot. The perfect gallery portfolio says “Hey, I’m a professional with a style that fits perfectly with what you are looking for. I know how to make each individual person’s personality shine through photography and I’m easy and fun to work with.” If that seems like a rather daunting task, don’t worry, this article will help you get there and show you how to update your Zazzi photographer profile so you can create just the right messaging!

One of the aspects of Zazzi we are most excited about is the ability to easily connect with new clients in your area. We are working hard to spread the word about Zazzi and drive new clients to download and use the app. We’re bringing the clients right to your virtual doorstep, so make sure that their first glimpse of your business tells the full story about what you offer.

photographer updating her zazzi photographer profile

When you initially create your Zazzi photographer profile, you’ll want to choose your profile gallery pictures carefully so that clients get a real feel for your style. That is one of the main reasons a client chooses a particular photographer over another, so let your unique style shine. When you are setting up your profile, you may not have fully thought out your gallery choices, but that’s ok. Go ahead and choose a few photos that best represent you and submit your profile. In just a moment I’ll show you how to update your Zazzi photographer profile anytime it needs a refresh, so your photo choices are not permanent. Follow the prompts to upload photos and then go ahead and submit your profile for review.

What to include in a Photographer’s portfolio gallery

Here are a few tips and tricks to consider when creating a photographer portfolio gallery in the Zazzi app.

  • Be selective

A photography portfolio gallery is like a highlight reel of your work. It’s not a place to include every photo you’ve taken in the past year. Instead, show only your best work and limit your gallery to 10-12 high quality images per category. Keep the photos within a specific category true to the category, meaning only put wedding photos in your wedding gallery and only put portraits in the portrait gallery.

  • Share a wide variety of location and subjects if you can

Even if you really love a particular subject or shoot, it’s best to only include one photo from a particular shoot. If you include multiple photos of the same subject, it tells people that you might not have much experience under your belt. If you truly don’t have many photos to choose from, try and choose photos that might appear as if they are from a different shoot. Perhaps the subject changes outfits, or you changed locations, or you have photos of single and multiple subjects from a single shoot. Try and mix it up a bit to show variety.

  • Capture your unique style

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and look through your gallery. Is it clear what sets you apart from others? Can you clearly see your unique style? Keep your gallery cohesive, clean and clear. If there is one photo that doesn’t have the same style or feel as the others, remove it from the gallery. Let your unique style shine! Don’t try and be everything to everybody, but instead create a gallery that is going to make your ideal client KNOW you are the right fit for them!

  • Start off strong

Put your absolute best photo at the front of your gallery. When a potential client clicks to see your gallery, the first 1-2 photos show up before they swipe to see any more of your work. Make sure those first images make them want to keep looking!

When you upload photos to your gallery, note that they show up with the most recently uploaded photo first in your gallery. So if you are uploading multiple photos at a time to build your gallery, choose your best photo to upload last and it will show up as the first in the app. 

  • Ask for a second opinion

Ask a friend to take a look at your Zazzi photographer profile and offer feedback. Choose someone you know will give you real advice and offer suggestions for improvement.

  • Update your portfolio regularly

As you complete more and more shoots, be sure to update your gallery portfolio as your skills improve. Pick your favorite shot from each session and add it into your existing gallery.

update your zazzi profile

It’s easy to update your Zazzi photographer profile anytime you would like.

To get started, open the app and locate your profile page. Click edit in the upper right corner.

Under the portfolio tab, choose View and Edit Portfolio. From there you will see your existing categories and also a button to add a category if you would like. Choose the category you would like to update and click the Edit button to the right of that specific category.

how to update your zazzi profile

You will now see all the photos currently in your gallery along with a button to add new photos. To add a photo click Add and then choose a photo from your photo library. To remove an existing photo, simply click on the small trash can icon located in the upper right corner of the photo you’d like to remove.

Remember that the most recent upload shows up first in your app gallery, so plan accordingly. 

When everything is updated to your liking, click Save in the upper right corner.

Bottom Line

Your Zazzi photographer gallery is the first introduction people get to your business. Make it count by purposefully choosing the images you include, keeping individual categories cohesive and representing your true style. It’s easy to make changes to your Zazzi photographer gallery at any time, so keep your portfolio fresh and current.