How to recover after Coronavirus

Rebuild Your Professional Photography Clients' Trust After Coronavirus Using Simple Hygiene and Distancing Techniques

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Currently, the whole world at large is faced with a global pandemic, the Coronavirus. With the drastic spread of this virus, most governments have set up different precautions along with safeguarding measures. A good number of these efforts have put restraints on several enterprises and have affected everyone in one way or another. It is a trying time for all of us globally and the best thing we can do is follow every single directive issued by our governments for the sake of everyone’s safety and reduced spread of the same. Being a photographer or videographer, your professional photography business has probably been either partially or fully affected by this.

Undoubtedly, you are already feeling the resource constraints from shoot cancellations. Working from home might not be as effective as you did outdoors especially if your area of specialization is in weddings, outdoor or large scale events. It is not the end of the road as Zazzi has a few guidelines that can help you still run your business while keeping everyone safe and delighted with your services. You may not come out of this unscathed, but there are a few things that you may carry out for your professional photography business to recover after the Corona Outbreak by rebuilding your clients’ trust through proper hygiene and social distancing:

  • Set New Rules and Precautions and Keep All your Clients Updated

Globally, every single person has been affected by the pandemic, your clients included. As public gatherings and large-scale events have been prohibited, your clients are either canceling or postponing their events subsequently. As part of business professionalism, always maintain constant communication with all of your clients. Let them know that all your large-scale event shoots have been postponed to future dates as this shows that you equally care for their well-being.

Creating new rules with respect to social distancing and hygiene might be a necessary part of any future photoshoot sessions. Use your social media pages, emails, Zazzi account as well as your website to aid in dispersing such information to your clients. For instance, assuring your clients that you will have hand sanitizer available during the shoot, and the measures you will take to ensure social distancing and hygiene prior to and during the shoot, will restore their confidence in you and your business.

  • If you must shoot

In every business, safety is always indispensable. With every government’s efforts to flatten the pandemic curve, the staying-at-home regulation has been put in place for every citizen apart from the ones offering essential services. Additionally, maintaining a social distance of at least six feet from one another is very essential to reduce the risk of either contracting or spreading the virus. The vital thing to know is that there is a possibility of carrying the virus without displaying any symptoms.

As a photographer or a videographer, if you must do a shoot, adhering to these regulations might help a great deal. You equally want to avoid any public spaces with human crowding potentials. If you have to shoot, either indoors or outdoors, ensure the space has at least six people or less depending on the government’s regulations.  

At all times, be sure to sanitize your hands and not touch your face, both before and after the shoot. Likewise, avoid handshakes or hugs and opt for alternative non-physical contact forms of greetings.  

At this point, a number of your professional photography clients have been economically affected by the pandemic and you should be benevolent enough and offer a win-win discount rate that will not financially impact either you or your client. All these entirely apply to both professional and freelance photographers and videographers as they will be effective both now and in the future.

  • Habitually clean your equipment

Cleaning cameras, lenses and other fundamental photography equipment should be routinely done as part of the simple hygiene measures. As we are spending some time at home, this is the best moment to take advantage and get all pieces of equipment sparkling clean. Every equipment comes with its own guidelines on how to clean them. Going through the manuals before the clean-up will help reduce the chances of damaging them.

After an outdoor shoot, carry out the cleaning process every single time you get back home. Do not forget to clean your phone and keys and leave them at the door as they may equally be potential vectors for the virus.  

Avoid Sharing Photography Equipment
  • Avoid Sharing Equipment

As the majority of videographers and photographers always work hand-in-hand and are quite collaborative, hiring and sharing equipment might be normal. However, this is highly discouraged for now and if you have to borrow or lend any photography equipment, ensure to clean them before and after use as sharing equipment might potentially spread the virus.

In case you’re working as a team, taking extra care in assigning different equipment to different people will prevent any cross-contamination by ensuring that only one person is coming into physical contact with one equipment during the entire session.

  • Learn New Skills and Offer Discounted Online Services to Clients

This period might be a great time to sharpen your shooting skills as well as your editing skills through the various online professional photography tutorials currently made available. It might also be your chance to offer online digital photography services to your clients at discounted rates to boost your brand. These may include editing of images, creating albums, flyers, and different layouts. Adding such skills to your portfolio will be a remarkable advertising tool as clients begin looking to hire again.

Bottom Line

The present global pandemic experience is daunting, but, live in the moment as Zazzi has got you covered. We are all in this together. Stay positive, stay healthy, stay productive.  Above all, maintain hygiene and social distancing from now henceforth, for the health and safety of your clients, as well as your entire crew.