Expand Your Niche with Zazzi

Expand Your Niche with Zazzi

There are many reasons a photographer/videographer may decide to expand their niche. It may be out of general interest, a need to grow & practice more skills, or simply as a way to grow their business by capturing the interests and needs of more clients. Whatever the reason, Zazzi is the perfect app for photographers and videographers who are looking to expand their niches, increase their clientele, fill up their schedules and grow their businesses.

Zazzi, The Ultimate Solution

Zazzi is an extraordinary on-demand photography & videography app that allows clients to locate talented videographers/photographers in their local areas in an instant. Simply put, it is Air BnB for photography and videography! It allows clients to view the profiles & portfolios of videographers in their preferred locations and contact them directly to get their shoot booked.

For photographers & videographers, Zazzi has been remarkably designed to meet all their business needs, providing them with a broad pool of clientele who are looking for the skills they offer in their respective categories & areas of interest. Zazzi also provides photographers/videographers with great marketing for their work and skills by generating lots of traffic to the app. Zazzi is able to provide you with the best platform to get clients in whatever niche you intend to pursue.

How to Expand Your Niche with the Zazzi App

These are a number of ways a photographer/videographer may opt to maximize on the features of this fantastic app, to expand their niche:

  • Select Multiple Categories

Zazzi allows the videographer & photographer to diversify their niches, by allowing them to select multiple categories of photography/videography that they prefer to work in. This incredible feature allows them to work both in their specialized area of interest as well as other categories they may want to explore.

Whether it’s photography or videography for events, sports, fashion, infants, portraits, products or real estate, photographers/videographers are free to explore any new niche they might want to explore.  The videographer/photographer is free to venture into a completely different area of interest, or simply pursue a niche that is related to their current area of specialization.

  • Select Respective Levels of Expertise & Experience

Starting as a hobbyist in your new preferred niche is a smart move,  allowing you to gain more experience and expertise in that area of interest. Once you have mastered the skills required and perfected your output, you can then proceed to change your level of expertise in that category.

Zazzi will enable you as the photographer/videographer to set a different level of expertise independently for each niche with regards to your knowledge, skills & experience, without altering or affecting the entry for your main area of specialization.

  • Adjust Your Rates

The Zazzi app allows the photographer and videographer to set different rates for every category they opt to venture in, with respect to their level of expertise, skills and years of experience. This enables them to earn even as they try out different interests and niches.

  • Change Your Location

Working as you travel may be the best opportunity to dive into the new niche you have been waiting to explore. For instance, if the next city has more potential clients for street photography, fashion photography or real estate videography, then a photographer/videographer trying to venture into that niche can easily do so with the Zazzi app.

Zazzi will allow the photographer/videographer to change their current and future location to that target area, allowing clients to book them for appointments even as they travel. If you do not have enough clients in your local area for the category you are interested in, simply change your location to your desired area and clients who are looking will be able to find and book you.

  • Invest in the Necessary Equipment

Different niches of photography and videography may sometimes require different types of equipment. Before venturing into any new niche, it is important to research and ensure that one has all the necessary tools and equipment. These may include different lenses, different types of cameras, lighting, backdrops, drones or reflectors, you get the idea.

Zazzi allows photographers and videographers to list the equipment they use within their profiles, therefore enabling clients to select the very best videographer based on their capacity to carry out the project. Videographers who have highly invested in quality equipment for their preferred passion projects will be able to set higher rates whenever the use of that equipment is required by the client.

Bottom Line

For all photographers and videographers who are looking into expanding their niche and exploring new areas of interest, Zazzi is the app for you! Zazzi comes with amazing on-demand features, allowing the videographer/photographer to gradually grow their skills and their portfolios in all their preferred categories.

Zazzi is not limited to just professionals and experts. It also gives students and hobbyists an opportunity to explore their passion and earn from it. It offers the photographer & videographers in every level of expertise the kind of exposure and visibility they need to grow their brand in whichever niche they decide to specialize or diversify in.

Zazzi is also the best online platform for photographers to market their skills in their local area, thereby allowing them to convert all views on their profiles into  bookings.  If you have mastered a specific niche of photography/videography and would love to dive into another, Zazzi offers the perfect platform to do so. Why not try something new, and don’t forget to share this great app with your friends and family!