People Find you with Zazzi

People Find you with Zazzi

Are you a photographer running your own photography business and just wondering how you’re going to get the right people to find you and notice you? We can relate. We understand how difficult it is to venture into photography as a paying business, and to get an unlimited flow of clients. Perhaps you have even tried to venture into social media marketing and it’s getting you all the likes and fame, but it’s not really translating into substantial revenue.

If this describes your current situation, then worry no more. You’re not alone. Tons of photographers all over the world have trouble reaching their target market and getting the kind of visibility they need for their business to grow. That is why we have specifically designed a fantastic app to solve all your problems: the Zazzi App!

Zazzi is an awesome way to get discovered for your photography skills, and not just by random people who will like your photos and proceed to the next, but by actual leads in your current or desired location! Zazzi links you to potential clients in your geographical area, increasing your chances of turning those leads into instant photography bookings.

How Zazzi Works

It’s amazing what this app can do. Zazzi is an on-demand photography app that has been designed with incredible features to allow clients to locate photographers conveniently in their preferred locations for photoshoots. The client is also able to view the photographers’ profiles and contact them directly via email, text messages or a phone call.

Let Clients find you with Zazzi

Zazzi has terrific features for photographers to gain the exposure they need in their target markets. As a photographer, here is how you can increase the visibility of your brand and allow more ideal clients to reach you with the Zazzi app:

Build Modern Photography Portfolio

Build Your Portfolio

Get your photography business noticed by building a captivating portfolio on Zazzi. Zazzi provides an excellent platform for photographers to display their photography and editing skills.

No client can ignore great photography. With an amazing portfolio, every potential client who clicks on your profile is instantly converted into a successful lead. Be creative and intentional about the photos you post in your portfolio; they will determine the kind of clients you attract. The photos on your portfolio should, therefore, be in line with your area of expertise and the photography niche you intend to explore.

Zazzi allows you to customize your portfolio to reflect who you are and what you like. Adding in a few behind-the-scenes shots will also help potential clients to visualize and get a perception of how exciting it would be to work with you, and sell them on your services.

Preferred Categories

Zazzi provides targeted marketing and reach to your clients, by letting you specify your preferred photography niches and categories. This, therefore, ensures that you stand out among other photographers and find clients who are specific to your areas of expertise.

Having experience and specialization in a unique or rare photography niche might give you an edge and an added advantage, by reducing the amount of competition you have from the other photographers in your area. For instance, if a client is looking for a wedding videographer or WaterSports photographer in your area, and you are the only one with experience in that field, then you will automatically be their first choice.

Therefore, you can use Zazzi for showcasing your skills as well as highlighting all your preferred categories, your level of experience and expertise, and your rates for each.

Zazzi provides targeted marketing
  • Location Finder

How can new clients find you? One of the most important features of Zazzi is that it allows the photographer to map out their current location or future locations for photo shoots. This feature enables clients in your area to be notified of your business and services, whenever they are looking for on-demand photography services in your area.

Moreover, Zazzi allows you, as the photographer or videographer, to change your current location on the Zazzi app, therefore giving your clients the opportunity to book sessions with you in your updated location. You can now work as you travel. How handy!

  • Ratings and Reviews

Every great business grows through referrals, especially the photography business. The ratings & reviews feature was created to allow your previous clients to appreciate you for your commendable services. Outstanding ratings and reviews give your business credibility and consequently, more clients. Therefore, ask all your clients to give you ratings and reviews at the end of each contract.

A Zazzi profile with high ratings and reviews will set apart your business, making it very marketable to clients. It lets new clients know that you’ve been tried and tested, and you’re awesome!

Scale Up Your Photography Business

Ready to Start?

If you’re sold on this genius app and are ready to completely scale up your photography business, gain more visibility in your area, and let clients find you, then download this revolutionary app and get known!