Set Your Price with the Zazzi App

Set Your Price with Zazzi

Set Your Price with Zazzi

Photography and Videography businesses are diverse. There are many categories and niches you might choose to work in, and your skill level for each category might vary. The pricing process is similarly complex with a great number of factors to consider in setting the best competitive rates. This concept is applicable in all aspects and operations of photography and videography, Zazzi simplifies it all.

How to Set Your Price with the Zazzi App

Zazzi is a flexible on-demand app that connects photographers and videographers to clients in their local area. It allows the clients and the talented videographers & photographers to locate each other and connect directly to book the next shoot.

Unlike other on-demand applications, Zazzi is designed to allow the photographer to set their own prices with regards to multiple progressive factors. Photographers are different, venturing in different fields of interests and with different capacities. Therefore, at Zazzi, we give the photographer the full control to dictate their definitive rates for each and every category they prefer to shoot in.

Zazzi offers free marketing and exposure! Each Photographer or Videographer can easily change their rates per category ensuring that they get the amount needed to make their business work. 

What Is Factored into The Zazzi Videographer’s Charges?

Zazzi allows the photographer/videographer to specify various factors in setting their rates for the client’s consideration. The client is thereafter able to select from a wide range of talented photographers and videographers according to their specific needs, requirements, and budget. The following are some of the factors that the photographer/videographer can specify in their profile as contributory to their charges and rates:

How Zazzi app Helps You to Set Service Price

Categories and Niches:

Different categories of photography/videography may demand different levels of skill. Whether shooting for events, weddings, sports games, reunions, products, social media content or professional website portraits, the scope of work involved will vary. This, therefore, necessitates setting different rates for different categories.

Zazzi supports this aspect by allowing photographers/videographers to select more than one preferred niche of photography and videography, thereby setting separate rates for each category according to how demanding it would be for them. For instance, a videographer can charge $350 an hour for WaterSports videography, and $150 for a product shoot.

Zazzi Helps Photographers to set different rates


Experience is what enables a videographer/photographer to know what works and what doesn’t. Based on their years of experience, a Videographer or Photographer is able to offer valuable consultation to the client, advising on the best angles, poses, positions of lighting among other aspects.

Zazzi allows photographers and videographers to set different rates for their different levels of experience in each category. For example, a videographer can opt to charge lower rates for one year of experience in wedding videography as opposed to three years of experience in shooting for social media content.

Zazzi Chooses to Charge Per Hour


Time is one of a videographer/photographer’s most valuable asset. That is why in Zazzi chooses to charge per hour. Zazzi also supports the videographers/photographers who work with short turnaround times. You can allow clients to book you for as little as 30 min. with minimal time in between shoots. It is also important to take into consideration other aspects as well, such as how much time you will need for traveling to and from the location. How much time you might need to set up the actual shoot, as well as the time needed for processing and editing photos. Once everything is complete, you will be able to upload all the content created to the Zazzi App. Where your clients can easily receive their photos on the go if they choose.

Zazzi States Photographer's Equipments


Zazzi allows the videographer/photographer to state the types of equipment they own.  Investment in the best equipment such as high-resolution cameras, drones, fine lenses, tripods, lighting, and stands may require the photographer to charge more for jobs requiring special equipment. Videographers who have invested in less expensive equipment may, therefore, need to charge relatively lower rates for their services.

Zazzi Sorts Photographer's Level of Expertise

Level of Expertise:

Experts and Professionals naturally charge higher rates since they display a higher level of skill than Hobbyists and Students. This also means that they are likely to offer additional value to the shoot such as pitching in fresh & creative ideas and pulling off more challenging shots. Experts and Professionals have a higher mastery of their cameras & equipment and are therefore in a position to generate extra-ordinary shots from even the most basic set of equipment.

Zazzi has put this into consideration. By letting photographers and videographers specify their levels of expertise for each category, it enables them to charge different rates for different levels of expertise in their respective categories. For instance, a videographer may set higher rates for categories where they are ranked as professionals, and lower rates for categories they are simply exploring as hobbyists.

Post Processing With Zazzi


Clients may require either raw, unedited images or highly edited photos on completion of the shoot. On the client’s request, the photographer can set prices and rates on Zazzi that accommodate their professional editing costs.

Advantages of Setting Prices with the Zazzi App

By setting prices with the incredible Zazzi app, photographers and videographers can enjoy several additional benefits:

  • Set prices relative to your time, knowledge, skills and experience. Zazzi allows you to factor in several aspects in the setting of your rates.
  • Set a different rate for every category. With the Zazzi app, there is no one-price-fits-all. Explore different categories, each with its own rates.
  • No automated price generation. Zazzi allows you to set your own competitive rates at all times.

Get Started with the Zazzi App

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