Uber meets Photography

With the continuous advancement of technology, on-demand applications have become more popular due to the ease of access to great service in the click of a button. Professional photographers have not been left behind. The development of on-demand photography apps has made it easier for users to access professional photographers at the convenience of their own location, and at more reasonable rates. 

Locating an amazing photographer is now as easy as getting an Uber. For photographers, this revolutionary technology means more access to clients, more visibility, and a great marketing opportunity by having more people view your portfolio. It means increasing your client base and reaching a wider range of clients who are located in your area.

Meet Zazzi

Zazzi is a brilliant on-demand photography app with an amazing platform for photographers and clients to connect and locate each other, communicate and book sessions efficiently. 

Zazzi is not limited to any kind of photography. The ability to view the portfolios of photographers allows the user to select a photographer who is experienced in the kind of photography they need. Whether for weddings, family vacations, formal events, office photography, reunions, sports games or spontaneous meetings with friends, you can now find a great photographer fast and conveniently. No more having to wait for days to book a slot for a photography session with your photographer.

Apart from event photography, Zazzi also accommodates short brief sessions for portraits, headshots, stock photos, social media photography, product photography among others. There is no threshold for this incredible app. It’s literally a remarkable fit for everyone, everywhere.


Zazzi Provides Photography Portfolios

Photographer Profiles and Portfolios

Zazzi allows photographers to set up their profiles and portfolios with their best works for viewing by the clients. The photographer’s profile includes their previous works, their areas of expertise, their charges, their capacity and equipment, as well as their ratings and reviews. Users are therefore able to confidently select photographers that are more fitted for their requirements from a well-informed standpoint, and this ensures great project success.

Zazzi screens photographers to ensure that the client receives nothing less than the very best of service delivery and output, and are matched with the most talented photographers available. This additionally serves to ensure that professionalism is upheld by all Zazzi photographers.

Grow your photography business with Zazzi

User Profiles

Users are able to create profiles for hiring photographers. These profiles can also be viewed by the photographers before accepting any work to see the client’s preferences, requirements, ratings, location and any other information that the client chooses to display.

Zazzi app Features: Location Finder

Location finder

This uberized app allows the user to identify their current or desired location for the photography session, after which the app will recommend the best photographers in that area. The user is able to click on the various photographers as per their locations and view their profiles in no time.

Zazzi Provides Rating and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Another amazing feature for any on-demand app is ratings and reviews. No one wants to risk the fake advertising that goes on in most online platforms. Plus, a photographer with great photos and an amazing profile might not necessarily be the easiest to work with.

Worry no more! The ratings and reviews features on Zazzi allow the client to rate their experience with the photographer, giving comments and reviews for any future references by potential clients. This ensures that clients are able to have a feel of the kind of service offered by that photographer before committing. Photographers are also compelled to offer great service to keep their ratings up.

Zazzi Allows Client and Photographer to Chat


Zazzi allows the client and the photographer to connect immediately via phone, text or email. 

Bottom Line

Zazzi is all your professional photography needs fitted within just one app. Convenience, speed, quality, safety, and affordability are some of the amazing benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. With the development of more on-demand apps and the uberization of every process, professional photoshoots should be one less issue to worry about as you create your personal brand, share your treasured moments and unique experiences, market your products and grow your business.