Zazzi Helps Influencers

Zazzi for Influencers

Quality imaging plays a major role in the marketing of a business or brand. It speaks volumes about what a potential customer, client or follower perceives of your brand. That is why investing in high quality and creative photography & videography is the single most essential factor to consider as an influencer.

To get a considerable following as an influencer, you must show a high level of command and expertise in your industry or specific area of interest. An influencer has to offer value to their followers to gain authority in their field, and what better way to do that than with amazing and captivating images and videos. Your content is awesome, why shouldn’t your images be?

Zazzi is a genius app designed to fit all your on-demand photography and videography needs as an influencer. Zazzi connects you with talented photographers/videographers in your area, thereby allowing you to view their outstanding portfolios, examine their charges, ratings & reviews and book into their schedules instantly. 

Why You Need Zazzi

Major brands set aside a great chunk of their marketing budget for the hiring of influencers in their related fields. If you’re looking to attract investors and advertising opportunities, consequently making money out of influencing, then you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Zazzi comes with multiple incredible benefits for every influencer that are too great to pass by. Below are just a few of the reasons why you should get your Zazzi now:

  • Instant Access

Zazzi is basically Uber for photography and videography. This means that you can get the best photographers/videographers in your area when you need them and where you need them.

The greatest moments are spontaneous, and sometimes you might need a brilliant photographer to capture that special memory in that instant. Simply log into the Zazzi app and find that great photographer/videographer in your preferred location fast and conveniently. 

  • Specialist for Every Niche

There is a fantastic Zazzi photographer/videographer for whichever niche you might be passionate about. Zazzi will link you to the best professional to help you share your knowledge and get noticed in your distinctive field.

Whether it’s a product, sports, art, fashion, a service, events, nature or social media content, our specialized photographers will provide you with captivating content and output to keep your followers engaged at every step. We grant you the freedom to select from a wide range of photographers/videographers with years of experience and expertise in your preferred niche. for Influencers

  • Affordable Rates: Fit into Your Budget

No budget is too small or too big for Zazzi! Every influencer works within a given budget in the production of their content. However, you can still get great content at every rate, with the extraordinary Zazzi app.

There is no single standard rate for all photographers and videographers. Zazzi allows every photographer/videographer to set their own rates for each and every category based on their level of expertise, years of experience, the equipment they use and their preferred niches. This means that you are guaranteed to get a photographer or videographer that fits both your requirements and your budget.

Flexible Bookings with Zazzi

  • Flexible Locations: Book as you travel

Zazzi comes with a location finder that allows you to map out your current location or desired location for your photo shoot. Zazzi does not restrict you to your current location thereby allowing you to book sessions even as you travel!

For instance, if you are a travel influencer or simply just looking to capture your content in different geographical locations with scenic and breath-taking views, then all you need to do is change your location on the app to your desired venue, and Zazzi will link you up with the best photographers/videographers in that area for booking, at your own convenient time. Just stop over and get your photo and video content taken on the go!


  • Informed Selection

We understand all the risks attached to getting products and services online. That is why our photographers/videographers put up as much information as you could possibly need for you to make informed decisions and selections.

The ratings and reviews of all our videographers & photographers are also public, to enable you to confidently hire our members based on the remarkable recommendations by their previous clients. 

Zazzi up!

Don’t wait a minute longer. Download the Zazzi app and explore the amazing features designed to fit all your needs, fast and easy. You have nothing to lose. Locate all our talented photographers and videographers in your area, check out their profiles and outstanding reviews, and book your first session today!